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Welcome to S4P Coaching

S4P Coaching specialise in providing quality affordable coaching and coaching solutions allowing individuals and organisations to improve performance.

With over 25 years expertise and experience in the performance field S4P Coaching can provide coaching solutions, to meet performance needs, specifically in the areas of Sport and Business.

S4P Coaching offer One to One Coaching, Team Coaching and Coaching Workshops with the specific goal of improving performance.

Performance Coaching and the Benefits

At S4P Coaching the coaching focus is on identifying and working with individuals and teams to remove the blocks that prevent succesful performance. In essence what is needed now in order for individuals, teams or organisations to get from A to B.

There have been various studies into the impact of Performance Coaching. These have found that Performance Coaching can;

  • Improve Performance and Motivation
  • Enhance Confidence and "Ownership"
  • Improve Work / Life Balance
  • Reduce Stress Levels
  • Improve Learning and Development
  • Provide Flexibility and Adaptability to Change
  • Increase Creativity and Productivity
  • Enhance Respect, Trust, Self-Awareness, Self-Reliance and Self-Management

Find Out More

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